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Aesthetic medicine



What is it?

Through an informative consultation, you can find out the price of a treatment lip augmentation that suits your needs. Thanks to our advances in techniques and products we achieve more beautiful lips, through:

  • Definition or profiling of the labial border.
  • Projection.
  • Hydration.
  • Better proportion.
  • Increase the volume of the mucosa.
  • Greater symmetry (for example after suffering from herpes).
No It is necessary to do everything on all lips. TO mature ages We recommend treating the lips, since by reducing their turgor or the intensity of the color of the mucosa, over time it gives an appearance of severity or anger, which with a slight touch up it compensates, all without losing the normal physiognomy of this anatomical area.

Lip Remodeling with Hyaluronic Acid


The star product for lip augmentation is hyaluronic acid infiltration Since it is a very safe product, which is found in our body and is easily reabsorbable by our body, the duration of the increase usually lasts between 6 and 24 months.

Treatment indicated for cases of sunken, blurred lips or those who want an increase in thickness or in filling only the labial border and labial philtrum; giving definition to the lips without increasing their volume and leaving them well outlined. 

The lips are often the center of attention, being fleshy and well-defined lips, a sign of youth, beauty and sensuality. Although increasingly, we are carrying out injected lip reduction with permanent products because the patient no longer likes having them so unnatural and this is done with local anesthesia.

Unfortunately We see today many lips that have been retouched because they look deformed: bulging above the upper mucosa (white lip), an exaggerated projection especially in profile vision, or mimicry when speaking that does not show normal lip movement and this should be considered a bad result.

We can treat the gummy smile only through injections of hyaluronic acid, without the need to increase the volume, sometimes it is necessary to combine it with dental treatments.

We can also treat scars or lip atrophy consequence of a cold sore.

Lip Reshaping



Lip Reshaping



Lip Reshaping



Lip Reshaping



Lip Reshaping


Minimum time

Lip Reshaping



Lip Reshaping


All year

Lip Reshaping



You must know

To remove wrinkles from Barcode It is not necessary to increase the volume of the lips.

If we increase the lips, it is not done uniformly but rather the Cupid's bow must be marked; The labial philtrum should be highlighted if it is flat.

Removing bumps from an infiltrated lip is easy, it is done with local anesthesia and it is like removing a mole.

The lower lip should always be 20-25% thicker than the upper lip.

On thin faces you only have to fill in the center and not the lateral areas of the lips, thus making it more natural.

If your upper lip tucks in when you smile, you have to fill it in a little bit, otherwise it will bulge out the mustache area but not the lip.

Signs of “full lips” must be avoided; loss of the edges, loss of the philtrum, bulging of the “moustache”, bumps or projected profile.

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