What is it?

The technology Lipolaser or Laserlipolysis is A technique very new, available in Doctors Lopez Clinic, which corrects excess body volume, due to the accumulation of fatty tissue, through a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates adipocytes and tightens the skin.

It is a treatment to eliminate fatty tissue that consists of the application of an optical fiber that conducts laser light percutaneously. The specific emission of the type of laser used allows to destroy fatty tissue and obtain significant skin retraction. Yesand is performed by introducing the 1mm caliber flexible optical fiber through a minimal incision.

What areas can I treat with lipolaser?

It is a treatment interesting for small areas: double chin, inner face of arms, inner thighs, abdomen, knees, flanks, holsters, epigastrium and where the retraction of the accompanying skin is very important to improve results.

The equipment used for laser liposuction, also called lipolaser, produces effective destruction of fatty tissue thanks to its photothermal effect and at the same time it produces a heating of the area that favors the formation of collagen in the treated area.

Usually lipolaser or laserlipolysis requires local anesthesia with/without sedation although it depends on the areas to be treated. Allows almost immediate incorporation into normal life in 24 hours. The discomfort during the following 2-3 days is similar to soreness, subsiding in less than a week. The compressive garment can be removed to sleep after 4-7 days. It also considerably improves the postoperative period.

Can lipolaser be used on skin with stretch marks?

He lipolaser It is ideal for performing volume corrections on devitalized and striated skin such as the abdominal region after pregnancy or the inner thighs. The lipolaser opens the possibility of obtaining lipo-remodeling in older patients more prone to sagging, due to the thinning of the dermis, thanks to the effect of skin contraction caused by the release of heat shock proteins, that occurs during treatment.

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