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Risks of unsupervised mouth whitening

The risks of unsupervised mouth whitening

The Collegiate Organization of Dentists of Spain launched a campaign to explain The risks that exist in unsupervised teeth whiteningor by a professional and performed at home since they have serious consequences for oral health. We have highlighted seven of them: Missing detection of cavities, gum disease and other pathologies; Greater erosion and wear of the teeth since many whitening products contain abrasive particles in their composition; Tooth sensitivity may appear; Not all teeth can be whitened, for example, people who took certain antibiotics (tetracyclines) or who consumed excess fluoride in water during the time of tooth formation and development; Uneven whitening in different areas of the tooth; Persistence of stains and stains that should have been removed in a previous teeth cleaning by the dentist; and less whitening effect when they use unsupervised products.

For all these reasons, oral health professionals - among which dental aesthetics stand out - They advise going to specialist consultations to carry out oral whitening treatment in the most effective and safe way, even for those carried out at home, but always under the supervision of an accredited professional.