doubts about invisible orthodontics
Doubts about invisible orthodontics

Podcast 1×08 now available: We resolve doubts about invisible orthodontics

A new program is now available our podcast of the Doctors Lopez Clinic. In this chapter number 8, our orthodontist, Dr. Rocio Lopez It clarifies some of the most frequent doubts about the use of invisible orthodontics.

All patients have questions when facing a treatment like this. That is why in this podcast we want to clarify all these questions. 

Why listen to our podcast about invisible orthodontics?

How long does the treatment last? Can I eat normally? Is it noticeable when speaking? It is painful? These and many other doubts that patients ask us about invisible orthodontics will be treated by the doctor in this eighth episode of our podcast, with professionalism and naturalness.

If you are thinking about undergoing treatment with invisible orthodontics and you are not completely sure, pay attention to our podcast because surely We will clarify many of those questions.

If you still have any other questions, about this or other treatments, do not hesitate to contact us. contact with us, in Doctors Lopez Clinic we will be happy to help you.

How can you watch and listen to our podcast?

You can see us through our channel Youtube, and listen to us through the platforms Ivoox and Spotify. Also, stay informed through our communication channels. instagram and TikTok, where we will publish previews and summaries of all the episodes of our podcast on health, aesthetics and well-being.