What is it?

Localized fat appears in different parts of the body. In many cases it is resistant to physical exercise and difficult to eliminate. Therefore, in Doctors Lopez Clinic we offer invasive and non-invasive treatments that promote the elimination of adipose cells.

Our specific equipment stands out for a high satisfaction rate among our patients. The non-surgical fat removal process requires commitment and correct management of our patients' expectations. Otherwise, we recommend more invasive procedures.

We must pay attention to the condition of the skin before and after the treatment so that it does not become flaccid.

Among the procedures we carry out we have:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Percutaneous radiofrequency
  • Body HIFU
  • Pyrolipolysis
  • Radiofrequency with cannulas (bodytite, accutite, necktite, facetite) which is more radical and also improves the skin, avoiding the sagging that sometimes results from reducing that fat.
  • Lipolaser that is just as radical as the previous one.
  • Liposuction


The Body mesotherapy consists of microinjections to reduce cellulite and localized fat. It is a technique that consists of intradermal injection, just under the skin, of small quantities of products and active ingredients at therapeutic doses.


The procedure consists of use very fine and short needles, attached to conventional or mechanized syringes. Injections are made along the main lymphatic tracts, and in all cellulite areas.

  • Other times we use cannulas attached to syringes (similar to filler ones) to introduce the lipolytic substance.
  • HIFU and pyrolipolysis do not require passing through the skin.
  • Radiofrequency with microneedles (Morpheus 8) produces small entrances similar to very fine needles.
  • Lipolaser, bodytite, facetite or liposuction require 1 entry point


You get:

  • Volume reduction
  • Activate local circulation. 
  • Improve oxygenation of the area. 
  • Detoxification of the tissue, as well as altering the permeability of the adipocyte walls and allowing the release of their fatty content.
  • Visibly improve the appearance of the skin (cellulite) and reduce dimples.
  • Improve the feeling of heaviness in the legs.


Procedures that break up the cells or remove them are more definitive while those that empty the cell are reversible.

In many cases it is combined with diet and dietary supplements.