What is it?

As a result of the passage of age, accelerated weight loss, illness or poor diet, we can see how the elasticity of the skin is lost, the turgidity, how the support of the skin (also the organs) becomes more lax and everything. decays (let's think that even the bones become thinner and reduce their volume). It is accompanied by a reduction in certain volumes and displacement due to the fall of others.

An important factor to obtain good results with any technique that aims to form collagen and improve sagging is that the diet must be correct, varied and contain essential amino acids since this is how we form our collagen, and this both with the inducers that we inject and with energy emitters (laser, HIFU or radio frequency)

There are 3 objective areas that mark this sagging: nasojugal groove (below the cheekbone), commissures or marionette and jowl lines or loss of the mandibular line; Before that the person notices less firmness of the skin.

The approach must be early:

  • Replenish the volumes (without changing the physiognomy), which is the simplest thing through fillings

  • Reposition sagging areas (threads, lasers, percutaneous radiofrequency, HIFU, or surgery).

  • Highlight the bone reliefs to make the face more triangular


It is recommended to address sagging early to avoid or delay surgery since many people do not want to have it done.

From less to more:

  • Physical therapies (lasers, trans and percutaneous radiofrequency, HIFU)
  • This can be reinforced by collagen inducers
  • In turn, we can reinforce this with threads
  • More intense treatments such as radiofrequency with cannulas
  • Surgery