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What is it?

The use of Tensioning wires In Aesthetic Medicine it has been a common practice for decades, both on the facial and body level. Currently we are experiencing a new boom in tension threads with the new PDO threads (polydioxanone), also known as “magic threads” or “Korean or Japanese facelift”. This is a new generation of threads, whose function is to provide the necessary stimulus for the patient's own skin to naturally produce the collagen responsible for densifying and providing firmness, rather than tightening itself.

These threads are applied using a simple technique, without incisions or sutures, and are also resorbable, which considerably increases their safety. Polydioxanone (PDO) is a suture material widely used by cardiac surgeons for decades, demonstrating its great resistance and indisputable safety profile. Your indication is enhance tissues that suffer the consequences of incipient flaccidity, which achieves almost immediate rejuvenation at the facial level, not so much at the body level, in a single session and on an outpatient basis (without going through the operating room).

Types of Tension Threads


gold threads: It consisted of making a mesh of gold threads under the skin, which produced a continuous stimulus in the formation of collagen, and has a greater tightening effect than the previous ones and more lasting since the gold is permanent, but already out of use.

Tensile threads: QThey can be anchored or not; Threads are used that hook into the skin and perform traction and elevation towards the area to which it is inserted. There are also several types of these threads. The effect is more evident on sagging than the previous ones. 

The most effective are those that are anchored or sutured to a fixed area of the face., usually to the periosteum or other fixed points. While this technique already requires at least 2 stitches, it is nevertheless quite simple and effective. 

Choosing one type or another of thread will depend on whether the skin is more or less thick, more or less flaccid, and the age of the patient; For young people, it is recommended to start with the simplest ones and gradually use the others.

There is techniques very fashionable like that of “foxy eyes” to raise the tail of the eyebrows and thus also eliminate periocular wrinkles.

Tensioning wires



Tensioning wires



Tensioning wires



Tensioning wires



Tensioning wires


Minimum time

Tensioning wires



Tensioning wires


All year

Tensioning wires



Tensioning wiresTensioning wires
tension thread treatmentTorremolinos tensioning threads

You must know

The threads are used for incipient sagging in young adults.

We also use threads to project the nasal tip or to project the chin.

We can use them to improve sagging neck, but their effectiveness is less when used in isolation.

The results will hardly be maintained for more than a year, even with the longest duration.

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