Skin quality

What is it?

There are several types of skin revitalization, whether on the face, neck, décolleté, hands... Depending on what you want to obtain. We can improve only the quality of the superficial skin. We can improve the skin and also increase its thickness, improving sagging and giving a little volume to the facial skin but not to the face. We can improve sagging alone, without injecting volume in a moderate way.

To protect itself, the skin thickens the epidermis, becomes pigmented and “flattens,” causing wrinkles, pigmentation and redness to appear. Well, all of this can be improved through pulsed light treatments while the rest of the skin will improve as if vitamins had been injected, reducing pores.

This is compatible with the simultaneous use of other energy-emitting devices but the laser/energy procedure must be performed first and then the infiltration procedure.

Levels at which we can act through injections:

  • Superficial: They are the typical vitamins that we all know that go to the superficial subcutaneous level and require frequent treatments to achieve a skin luminosity effect.

  • Superficial subcutaneous: We use the skinboosterwhich are products that thicken the skin without giving volume to the face.

  • deeper subcutaneous: For this, collagen inducers are used, such as polycaprolactone, polylactic acid, which reposition the tissues and give the skin a good appearance without modifying the features. They are treatments that are more difficult to understand but tend to create a lot of loyalty among those who use them. It is a different effect and result than the previous one.

You must know

If we want to treat wrinkles we will use ablative lasers (CO2), if we want to treat couperose we will use long pulse laser, if what we want is to treat pigmentations we will use the Qswitched laser; but if we want to improve everything at the same time as improving For the rest of the skin, we will use a new Lumecca-type intense pulsed light.

Our opinion is that it is better to have good skin quality even if there are some wrinkles, this will give us a good appearance, but we will have fewer wrinkles, less sagging and more shine in the future.