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Aesthetic medicine grows in men

The 20% of Aesthetic Medicine treatments have men as protagonists, especially between 40 and 55 years old

The treatments most demanded by men are mainly the fat reduction in the abdominal area, treatment of bags, elimination of expression wrinkles and tired appearance, correction of protruding ears, alopecia and facial rejuvenation.

A recent study of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) points out that a 20 of the treatments currently performed in Aesthetic Medicine clinics involve men, especially between 40 and 55 years old.. This same study explains that the treatments preferred by them are those that do not require surgical intervention and that, however, offer very positive results. That is, usually They are looking for less aggressive aesthetic procedures, less invasive options, but that give effective results in the short and medium term. The treatments most in demand by men are mainly the reduction of fat in the abdominal area, treatment of bags, elimination of expression wrinkles and tired appearance, correction of protruding ears, alopecia and facial rejuvenation.

There are several reasons that have driven men in recent years to decide to improve their physical and aesthetic health with the help of professionals, but three have been very decisive: Society's concern for a healthy aging, due to the greater life expectancy, which has increased in men from 75.3 years in 1997 to 80.4 in 2017; secondly, to the economic crisis that has been suffered and the importance of aesthetics at work, which has generated concern in men to present a good image that shows competition, well-being and balance; and, finally, due to the lack of complexion of men when they go to Aesthetic Medicine professionals, above all, due to a false complex of poorly understood masculinity.

Nowadays it is very common for the family give away in it Mother's Day Aesthetic Medicine treatments, but it is also beginning to be a fact that men - fathers in this case - can also enjoy a special gift on your day, the next March, 19, which, said or not said, will always be welcome, although it is still difficult for a large number to ask for it explicitly.

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