Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry for people over 55

Aesthetic Dentistry for people over 65 years of age, a necessity

The percentage of the population that is in the 65-year-old age group is increasing and most common concerns They range from the mobility of teeth to periodontal diseases or even loss of teeth in most cases.

Caries in an advanced process that can lead to other types of complications, or increased sensitivity are some of the typical disorders that worsen at these ages; as well as dry mouth, gingivitis or the absence of some teeth that make it necessary to resort to the placement of dental implants.

However, today, a greater concern is taking over and monopolizing the interest of this important segment of the population: the dental Aesthetics. Until now, the main motivation for older people to go to a dentist was precisely oral health. Nowadays, thanks to the greater social life of this population and the interest in enjoying leisure and free time, both alone and with family, Dental aesthetics has become a necessity.