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Dental Checklist

Dental «Checklist» of the Doctors López Clinic

Most people have dental checkups every six months to check the health of their teeth and gums. These months (as a result of COVID-19) have been complicated and in many cases, it has been impossible to go to the professional to do this exam. Dental check-ups normally include dental hygiene to prevent diseases and deterioration and a thorough check-up of the mouth to diagnose possible diseases and propose preventive treatments or act directly on the diagnosed diseases. In this case, the performance of x-rays and analyzes is an important aspect, as well as the early diagnosis of pathologies by dentists and doctors of the Doctors López Clinic.

In this sense, the clinic has the protocol, «Oral checklist Clínica Doctores López» that not only does the routine follow-up examination of the most common dental problems such as dental cavities, gingivitis or periodontitis; But other oral diseases such as halitosis or bad breath, sores or canker sores or cold sores or oral cancer are also reviewed for the complete peace of mind of their patients. All quickly, economically and under the medical-dental monitoring of the clinic's accredited professionals.