Ibiza Well Week
Ibiza Well Week Poster

Doctors María Carmen López and Juan Antonio López-Pitalúa invited as speakers at the Ibiza Well Week Health and Beauty Tourism Congress

The doctors Maria del Carmen Lopez and Juan Antonio López-Pitalúa have been invited as speakers at the he European Health and Beauty Tourism Congress which begins tomorrow at the Ibiza Conference Center, within the framework of the Ibiza Well Week, and which will have as its main content medical-aesthetic treatments in a single session. The Dr. María del Carmen López will give the presentation “Approach to tangled cheeks”, within the table on “Treatment of the midface” and the Dr. Juan Antonio López-Pitalúa“Late side effects of fillers. Unknowns”, in the table on “Aesthetic Dermatology”.

The congress, which ends next Saturday, May 4, is coordinated by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), and its objective is to “show the effectiveness of treatments that can be performed in a single session, with a very short recovery that can be performed during the vacation period.”

Likewise, the congress aims to “communicate that wellness tourism can also go hand in hand with Aesthetic Medicine, since there are these single-session treatments that allow recovery while enjoying the vacation. These treatments can range from body remodeling, to skin improvements, to facial sagging and the treatment of dark circles.”