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Don't waste your time, the aesthetic doctor will guide you effectively in recovering your appearance and well-being after the summer.

The good skin tone and the physical and mental rest that vacations give us is not always accompanied by optimal skin health and nutritional balance. What's more, in summer, in most people, the skin suffers excessive deterioration due to dehydration, chlorine in swimming pools and, mainly, due to overexposure to the sun, which contributes to premature aging and the emergence of problems. pigmentation; and, on the other hand, to an increase in weight and an increase in targeted fat, among others.

At the end of August and beginning of September, concern arises about returning to work, the “wardrobe change” of winter clothing and, even, our state for the upcoming holiday periods of the last quarter of the year and the Christmas. This anxiety to return to optimal physical and aesthetic shape translates for many people into agony translated into ineffective treatments offered by intruders, “miracle diets” and, above all, a great loss of time and risk to people's health due to be treated by professionals not accredited in aesthetic medicine and with obsolete or unverified technologies to provide the best and safest service in improving our appearance and well-being, which should be provided by an aesthetic doctor.

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) has denounced the "professional intrusion" suffered by the sector, which in his opinion represents a "serious lack of security and control in medical-aesthetic practices." According to the latest SEME studies, more than 30 percent of cases of intrusion take place in unlicensed beauty centers, 16 percent in hairdressers and 14 percent by self-employed beauticians who perform treatments in their own homes.