dental aesthetics
Doctor María del Carmen López

Dr. María del Carmen López López: «Our goal is excellence in dental aesthetics»

The Dr. María del Carmen López López, together with Dr. Rocío López López, are responsible for the Dentistry service of the Doctors López Clinic. During the summer, the Dentistry facilities have been expanded and new and innovative equipment has been acquired.

Question (P). Why this challenge of expanding the Dentistry service of the Doctors López Clinic?

Answer (R). Society is increasingly aware of the importance of oral health and, in particular, dental aesthetics. We bring together these two professional characteristics: we are doctors who look after the health of our clients and, in addition, aesthetic specialists who adapt this interest in feeling good and pleasing others.

Q. The López Doctors Clinic has expanded services and facilities to meet this demand.

R. Exact. We have expanded the care boxes and have acquired cutting-edge technology in dental care. However, this is the DNA of our clinic, whether in Dentistry or Aesthetic Medicine. We are aware that innovation is important and the best way to serve our clients with excellence.

Q. Does the success of the single-day ceramic veneer service have anything to do with it?

R. Here we also made an important innovation effort since we can guarantee that in a single day, working as a team with the prosthetist, we can respond to this demand. It is true that more and more effectiveness and efficiency are demanded in treatments, which is why this service is highly valued by our clients.