gummy smile
Gummy Smile

Excellence in the correction of the gummy smile involves multidisciplinary treatment in dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

The smile is one of the most defining features of our face and we could even say of our personality. A beautiful smile begins with taking care of it and to do so, maintaining correct oral hygiene is essential. But we must not only take care of the teeth, their health and correct alignment, but in many cases the harmony between them, the gums, the lips and the entire mouth in general will be the key to achieving a beautiful smile.

The gummy smile It is one of the most common aesthetic and dental problems. It is an obvious disproportion between the gums and the teeth. Also called a high smile, it occurs when the gums are larger and more visible than the teeth. The origin of the gummy smile can be diverse: dental, skeletal or muscular. Which results in gums with an irregular contour or the upper lip being short for the bone and teeth it should cover. The gummy smile can also indicate the existence of other pathologies such as an open bite or a lack of projection in the jaw (sunken or small jaw). Therefore, its treatment must sometimes require interdisciplinary medicine that includes Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine.

The gingivectomy It is the most common intervention when it comes to improving the appearance of the gummy smile. It is carried out by the dental specialist and is a periodontal surgical procedure that consists of removing excessive gingival tissue. The margins of the gum are trimmed, which reduces their appearance while enlarging the appearance of the teeth because more tooth surface is exposed. The intervention does not require hospitalization and is done under local anesthesia in the dental office. The aesthetic doctor, for his part, can improve the smile by applying AC. hyaluronic with a specific cross-linking to fill mucous membranes and outline the lips, in addition to correcting with botulinum toxin on the orbicularis oris muscle the excessive elevation characteristic of the gummy smile that allows excessive visualization of the gums.

Therefore, to achieve a result par excellence, the treatment must be multidisciplinary: odontology (periodontics) and Aesthetic Medicine.