Malaga weight gain
Webinar on Weight Gain

First webinar of the Doctors López Clinic on how to combat weight gain during confinement due to Covid-19

The Dr. María del Carmen López, director of the Doctors López Clinic, held the clinic's first webinar on April 27 with the title “Advice and recommendations to combat weight gain during confinement” with the presence of about 25 clients. For half an hour the Dr. Lopez explained the main reasons why people tend to eat more during these days of confinement and explained the keys to controlling these impulses. He also advised attendees on various specific diets for these days and warned about the dangers that an unbalanced diet - in an environment of stress and little exercise - can cause to our body.

It was the first time that the clinic has held a webinar with clients and it constitutes one of the new elements of interaction that the Doctors López Clinic is developing to improve the quality of service and provide added value to its clients. Next Monday, May 4, the Dr. Juan Antonio López-Pitalúa will hold another webinar with the title of “Lips, the most attractive thing on our face. How to enhance them” (You can participate at the following link).