Losing between 6 and 8 kg in three weeks is possible

Is it possible to lose between 6 and 8 kg in three weeks? In Dres Clinic. Lopez is possible

The arrival of the "new normal" and the beginning of summer has revealed for many people a weight gain of almost three kg on average, according to several studies such as that of the IFOP Institute for Darwin Nutrition (France). Three kg that has caused a real "earthquake" when it comes to putting on our summer clothes and, above all, facing the summer routine with more kilos, heat and poor physical shape caused by months of inactivity, overeating and stress.

Faced with this situation, many people consider aggressive diets to lose weight. Some do it on their own, without consulting a specialist, and without taking into consideration their physical and emotional situation. In this case, there are many who rapidly deteriorate their health, already aggravated by confinement. Others resort to "miracle diets" spread by irresponsible YouTubers or acquaintances that can not only worsen their physical condition, but also cause them great financial loss as a result of the deception.

"In the Doctors López Clinic, with safety and daily medical control, controlling appetite and combining diet together with medical treatments that guarantee volume loss; "we can ensure the loss of volume with full guarantee for the health of our patients," says the Dr. María del Carmen López, director of the clinic.