News in body unit: Pyrolipolysis

Maintaining our weight is important for our health. Now, facing summer, we set goals to lose a few kilos, at the same time that we desire or would like a body remodeling of localized fat or even cellulite, which we do not lose by losing weight.

In the Doctors Lopez Clinic We have the latest technologies to be able to perform these treatments:

• Mesotherapy, Itralipoteria, carboxytherapy, pressotherapy
• Shape Candle
• Body Hifu
• Bodytite
• Lipolaser

Now we have incorporated the MORPHEUS 8 (Multipolar Fractional Radiofrequency) and the BODY FX, the latter produces pyrolipolysis:
It is a bipolar radiofrequency treatment that, by inducing heat, produces apoptosis of fat cells (adipocytes). The results are evident after 4 treatment sessions. It does not require medical or home leave. The patient may see slight erythema and heat that disappears after a few hours.