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Podcast 1X02: Tweaks in young people

Podcast 1×02 now available: Tweaks in young people

Presented by the doctors of the Doctors Lopez Clinic, J. Antonio López and Mª Carmen López, today we talk about a topic that interests many people, aesthetic touch-ups in young people.

Join the doctor as he shares his wisdom on trends, face types and medical opinion on current fashions.

What can you expect from this episode on youth touch-ups?

From generalized perception to personal decisions, this episode dives into the fascinating topic of aesthetic touch-ups in young people. We will explore how facial retouching can affect self-esteem and confidence, and how different face types, or fashions, influence choices. The doctor will share his perspective on aesthetic trends and how to safely navigate a world as complicated as aesthetic touch-ups in youth. We will talk about the quality of the skin, lips, acne, and many more topics.

Informed Education

 Get direct information from the doctor about the benefits, risks and ethical considerations of cosmetic touch-ups in young people. Discover how an experienced medical professional views aesthetic trends and how they can help you make informed decisions.

How can you watch and listen to our podcast?

You can see us through our channel Youtube, and listen to us through the platforms Ivoox and Spotify. Also, stay informed through our communication channels. instagram and TikTok, where we will publish previews and summaries of all the episodes of our podcast on health, aesthetics and well-being.

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