Aesthetic Medicine and young people
Event on Aesthetic Medicine for Young Professionals

Success of the event on aesthetic medicine treatments for young professionals

Last Friday, November 22, within the framework of the activities of the 30 years since the inauguration of the Doctors López Clinic, an event was held at the clinic before about 50 attendees to explain the new treatments and discoveries in aesthetics for young people, the most innovative technology, as well as the presentation of the team of professionals from the Doctors Lopez.

In this way, the best-known aesthetic medicine treatments that can be performed specifically for young professionals were presented, such as: lips, alopecia, smile aesthetics, among others). The exhibition was in charge of Dr. Juan Antonio López-Pitalúa and of the Doctors María del Carmen López MarínMaria del Carmen Lopez Lopez and Rocio Lopez Lopez. After the event at the Torremolinos headquarters, attendees were able to continue sharing the event at “Botánic” in Málaga courtesy of the Clinic.

Aesthetic Medicine and young people

Presentation of study on Aesthetic Medicine and young people from Malaga

On the occasion of this event, a study was carried out through a survey of 3,500 people to determine the interest in Aesthetic Medicine in young people in Malaga, their concerns and doubts and present and future expectations. This work yields a series of very interesting data that were shared by those attending the event and the Media.

Among the main conclusions, the interest of young professionals in everything related to skin care, on the one hand, and the treatments to deal with the localized fat and cellulite, for other. The interest of young people in the prevention of premature aging and healthy eating has also been relevant to the study.
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