men's aesthetics
Aesthetic Medicine for men at Clínica Doctores López

The Doctors López Clinic has a specialized service for men

The Doctors López Clinic From the beginning, it has a significant range of treatment treatments. aesthetics for men. These, as patients, look for less aggressive aesthetic procedures, less invasive and less painful options with progressive results, with practically no recovery time, which allows them to immediately return to work life. They are patients who follow the medical prescription and are generally more satisfied with their results. They tend to be less demanding than women, they allow themselves to be recommended and take less time to decide. Do you want to know what are the most requested treatments?

 In general, the most requested treatments are:

  • facial mesotherapy. It is a minimally invasive method, in which the application route is through microinjections with the aim of restoring smoothness and firming the skin tissues.
  • Localized fat. There are areas of our body that accumulate more fat than others. Liposculpture or liposuction allows for lasting volume reduction since excess fat is eliminated by suction. We also have other techniques that can be used depending on the patient's diagnosis, such as mesotherapy, laserlipolysis or cavitation, among others.
  • HIFU technology for body contouring. It is a non-invasive treatment that produces specific tissue destruction. The specificity of this technique is to act on fat cells with lipid overload. The system has a fat reduction action, while remodeling the body silhouette.
  • facial photorejuvenation: It consists of a laser facial rejuvenation method, using the pulsed light method, also called facial IPL. It is one of the most used facial treatments for men in our aesthetic medicine center, where pulses of intense light (IPL) are applied that penetrate the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen that disappears over time.
  • Removal of skin blemishes and scars. The fractional CO2 laser is an excellent technique for the treatment of scars and marks, among other skin disorders. Fractional CO2 laser equipment emits tiny beams of energy, with a microscopic diameter, well separated from each other. These microbeams penetrate the skin forming columns, and healthy tissue remains between them, allowing a much faster healing response of the tissue and reduction of side effects. The use of neodymium laser is also very effective for the treatment of skin spots that appear on the face, neckline or hands such as lentigines, ephelides or freckles.
  • Permanent hair removal: Whether for hygiene reasons, to avoid folliculitis or to practice sports, more and more men decide to start a laser hair removal treatment. The areas that are shaved the most are legs, back, chest and abdomen.