Abdominoplasty 'The mommy makeover'

The Mommy Makeover

It is a trend in cosmetic surgery that has been increasing in the United States and Spain. Makeover, which in Spanish means image change, is a technique that allows all women to recover the appearance of their body after childbirth.

Mommy Makeover is a quick and effective way to reverse the aesthetic effects produced during pregnancy. It includes several surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, reduction or lifting, since pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave breasts sagging and no volume.

“Mommy Makeover” allows you to perform different procedures in a single operation, and give a new appearance to the body after pregnancy. This method can usually be performed under local anesthesia and many times the patient can go home the next day.

Performing the Makeover

To perform the Mommy Makeover, the woman must wait a year, after recovering from childbirth and allowing her entire body to return to its natural state; However, three months after the birth of the baby, depending on the attention and care that the mother has had during pregnancy, the weight gained, and the quality of the skin, it is possible to make some changes – such as mini liposuction – and In some cases the Mommy Makeover can be performed six months after birth.

After the intervention, the woman must be monitored by the surgeon and follow all recommendations. This type of surgery is associated with other aesthetic treatments, such as mesotherapy, massages, etc.