Smile Design

The “Smile Design” service of the Doctors López Clinic is reinforced

The Aesthetic Dentistry area of the Doctors López Clinic has expanded its facilities and work team due to the increase in demand for the “Smile Design”, which includes a detailed study on the aesthetics of the mouth, both dental and facial, to harmonize the face and achieve exceptional results. Dental Aesthetics is a specialty of Dentistry that provides solutions to the disharmony of teeth - which can cause oral problems and discomfort - while improving people's appearance, confidence and health.

In this way, in addition to incorporating specific software for the pre-design of the smile, a box for Dental Aesthetics has been increased, thus reinforcing the work with the Aesthetic Medicine teams with the aim of providing faster and more effective solutions. The doctors María del Carmen López López and Rocio Lopez Lopez, responsible for this service at the Clinic, affirm that "the technological commitment is very important, as well as seeking the full satisfaction of clients, improving their self-esteem through a positive and communicational aspect such as the smile."