vitamin microinjections
Vitamin microinjections in summer

Vitamin microinjections: the “antiaging” secret of the skin for the summer

Summer is just around the corner and to have healthy, tanned skin prepared to resist the consequences of overexposure to the sun, it is necessary to prepare during the previous months. One of the simplest, but at the same time most effective, techniques is mesotherapy.that is, the application of minimally invasive vitamin microinjections with the in order to incorporate into the skin those vitamins that it lacks to restore smoothness, firm the tissues and give luminosity.

The most widespread use of dermal vitamin microinjections is on the face, however, facing summer, treatments for the neck, décolleté, hands and even the scalp are very common, allowing for improved hair quality and, Consequently, helping to prevent falling problems in summer. He vitamin treatment on the skin it is usually combined with other techniques such as hyaluronic acid that provides greater firmness and rejuvenation.

Each person has different skin and specific vitamin needs, and as a result of the personalized study we carry out, the best composition is determined. In general, the vitamins that help us take care of our skin are type A, B, C and E. A generates pigment that helps tan, increases the speed of skin renewal and promotes collagen production; B improves skin elasticity and stimulates cell circulation and color; C strengthens the skin, especially when it is more damaged by the sun; and E has important regenerative properties and acts as an antioxidant, preventing aging.