breast cancer day
World Breast Cancer Day

Aesthetic medicine next to women who suffer from breast cancer on the international day of this disease

In 2019, one in eight women will suffer from breast cancer according to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), that is, 33,307 new cases in Spain during this year. 90 percent of women who suffer from it will overcome it without problems, although unfortunately it still causes more than 6,000 deaths a year, being the leading cause of death in women between 38 and 52 years old. Today there are great advances in research on this type of tumor and the objective of scientists is to make it chronic and achieve a median survival of 20 years, at which point it can be considered to have become chronic.

The treatment of breast cancer in many cases involves performing a mastectomy, which has a great emotional and psychological impact on affected women. There have been several studies where women who have been successfully operated on do not feel that they have overcome the disease until they have had a breast reconstruction that allows them to recover their quality of life and minimize the impact of the more aggressive surgery.

Aesthetic Medicine is well-being and aesthetic oncology aims precisely to provide serenity to people who have suffered from cancer or who are suffering from the adverse effects of their treatment to overcome this disease. But, above all, on a day as special as today, to the women and entities that fight against Breast Cancer, a disease that unfortunately affects Andalusia, being the Autonomous Community with the most cases of Breast Cancer (5,661) in Spain, ahead of Catalonia (5,313) and Madrid (4,668); It is time to tell them that aesthetic doctors are at their side.