The Look of Paul Newman

Aesthetic Medicine seeks the seduction of the look

Paul Newman's seductive gaze made the entire world fall in love with roles such as Brick, in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" or Billy the Kid, in the western production "Left-Handed Gunman." Considered a seductive heartthrob, he was one of the most captivating faces in Hollywood. Even, as the art critic Juan Antonio González says, “Paul Newman's tragedy was undoubtedly being so handsome. When I see him act on the screen I always have the impression that he tries not to let his beauty be noticed, that his great acting abilities finally 'eat' the handsome man and leave him in the background. He never succeeded, or at least on rare occasions. “The actor always lost out against the handsome man.”

The look is essential to make a good impression in the first eye contact with the person. With the eyes we express feelings, desires, concerns and, above all, health. Achieving a good first impression is necessary to achieve fluid and trustworthy communication with our interlocutor.

But talking about looks is not talking exclusively about the eyes. A beautiful look is the consequence of the balance of the face, of healthy skin and in accordance with the biological health of the person... of the serenity of the face and its naturalness. It is not always achieved. The vicissitudes of life, illnesses or personal circumstances deteriorate our facial beauty, dulling our gaze to the point of almost hiding it.

Aesthetic Medicine does not only seek facial rejuvenation through the application of techniques and treatments such as hyaluronic acid, blepharoplasty, tension threads or eyelid retraction, among others. Aesthetic Medicine seeks the balance of the look and personal seduction.

Dr. María del Carmen López

Doctors López Clinic