Cellulite can worsen after more than 60 days of confinement due to Covid-19

More than two months of confinement (since the state of alarm began on March 15) due to COVID-19 has taken its toll on many people, practically the majority, who have seen their physical activity drastically reduced, a certain disorder in the meals due to changes in routine and consequently loss of muscle mass, increased flaccidity due to the loss of elasticity of the three-dimensional collagen network that supports fat cells and accumulation of fat known as “cellulite”.

People who already suffered from untreated cellulite and who possibly have worsened it have arrived in this situation of home confinement due to the pandemic, people who, even though they had it under control, the eating disorder and stress have caused an increase in this pathology, I have even After these months, other people without having previously shown any symptoms begin to have certain indicators of the onset of their condition.

In the first two cases, it is absolutely necessary to go to an aesthetic doctor to start or restart anti-cellulite treatments and prevent its worsening and, in the last case, also to propose to patients actions and activities necessary to control a possible onset and complication of this condition. disease that brings so many headaches to those who suffer from it.

Cellulite is an alteration that involves the deep layers of the skin (dermis) and superficial fat, preferably in the lower half of the body. There is no specific cause and its origin is influenced by hormonal, genetic, racial, dietary, environmental factors, etc. At a clinical level we have different levels or degrees: Grade I or edematous (orange peel when pinched), grade II or soft (visible orange peel) and grade III or fibrous or hard cellulite (visible orange peel and macronodules). The treatments are especially: mesotherapy, radio frequency, ultrasounds.