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Do you know tension threads?

If you are looking for a non-surgical way to rejuvenate your skin and combat sagging, tightening threads are the answer. In Doctors Lopez Clinic we are specialists in this type of treatments so effective when it comes to treating skin firmness.

These small biocompatible filaments, which are strategically placed under the skin, not only offer a lifting effect, but, contrary to what you may believe, they also work with your body to stimulate collagen production. 

Where are tension threads applied?

They are applied in specific areas such as the area of the eyebrows, cheeks, neck and jaw, redefining its contour and improving its elasticity.

Types of tension threads

gold threads: In the past, a network of gold threads was used under the skin, generating constant stimulation of collagen production. This method offered a more pronounced and long-lasting tightening effect, since the gold is permanent. However, today, this technique has fallen into disuse.

Tensile threads: These threads, which may or may not be anchored, consist of filaments that hook into the skin, providing traction and lift toward the desired area. There are various variants of these threads, their effect on sagging being more evident compared to other options.

The most effective threads are those that are anchored or sutured in a fixed area of the face, generally in the periosteum or other stable points. Although this technique requires at least 2 stitches, it is quite simple and effective. The choice between types of thread will depend on the density of the skin, its level of sagging and the age of the patient. In younger individuals, it is recommended to start with simpler options, gradually progressing to more complex methods.

There are techniques such as «Foxy Eyes«, designed to raise the tail of the eyebrows and reduce periocular wrinkles.

If you want to know more about this technique, consultation with Doctors Lopez Clinic and our specialists will clarify any questions you may have about tension threads.

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