Marie Claire Doctor López
Marie Claire magazine featured the opinion of Doctor López

Dr. Juan Antonio López, one of the main experts in Spain in the treatment of nasolabial fold and "bar code" with Morpheus 8

Magazine Marie Claire, one of the most important in Spain in lifestyle and fashion, has highlighted Dr. Juan Antonio López-Pitalúa, director of the Doctors López Clinic, as one of the best specialists in the treatment of the nasolabial fold and the so-called "bar code", mainly with fractional radiofrequency and Morpheus 8 technology. The nasolabial fold and the barcode add a severe appearance to the facial expression. After the age of 45, the skin in the fatty triangle area of the face tends to be oilier and, although hyaluronic acid filling has always been the treatment par excellence, there are alternative procedures to treat this area effectively and with Visible results from the first session.

With age, there is a loss of volume and a decrease in fat in the cheekbone area, causing a sagging of the middle and lower area of the face with loss of the facial oval. “The Morpheus 8 technology that provides the Doctors López Clinic provides effective and less invasive solutions for the lower third of our face,” says the Dr. Lopez.