skin quality
Skin quality

Skin quality, how to improve it

The doctor will assess the skin condition: photo-aged, with solar lentigines, with rosacea, couperose, etc...Treatments that improve the quality of the skin are:

– Mesotherapy: consists of the administration of active ingredients intradermally in a localized area. A stimulation of fibroplasts is achieved, with a consequent increase in collagen and elastin. Vitamins, mineral trace elements, amino acids, DMAE, silicon, etc. can be used.

-Hydration with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid: with the same technique as mesotherapy, when what we want to achieve is the hydration of thin skin, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid can be applied (without volume effect) because it has an important water capture effect.

– Autologous biostimulation: through blood extraction, platelet-rich plasma with growth factors is obtained, which is used to stimulate the fibroplasts in the area where it is injected and therefore collagen.

– Peelings: consists of the application of acids that achieve a renewal of certain layers of the epidermis and/or dermis, and cause peeling and/or peeling (not always), depending on the type of product used, amount of free acid and the area in which it is applied. They can be superficial, medium or deep.

– Radiofrequency: due to the increase in the internal temperature of the dermis, collagen contraction occurs and its reappearance is encouraged.

– Laser: can be ablative like LCO2, fractionated. Non-ablative: pulsed light, LEDS. They cause a stimulation of the dermal and epidermal layer. They stimulate collagen, homogenize skin color, improve vascularization and eliminate small pigmented lesions.