aesthetic medicine

In aesthetic medicine, health comes first.

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) already warned last year that 79 percent of aesthetic doctors have perceived an increase in intrusiveness and lack of security and control in medical-aesthetic practices. According to data from the SEME, the majority of these malpractices tend to happen in beauty centers - not doctors -, followed by styling centers and stores and, thirdly, by beauticians, who offer their services independently and at home. The recent arrest in Malaga for allegedly administering botulinum toxin -Botox- and hyaluronic acid treatments without qualification is just the tip of the Iceberg of an army of tricksters and filibusters who play not only with people's desire to have better aesthetics and well-being but , what is worse, with his health.

Among the most commonly used fraudulent medications are botulinum toxin, dermal fillers or formulations intended for mesotherapy treatments; These substances applied by non-medical and expert hands can have serious side effects.

In addition, there is also a legal loophole in treatments based on the use of laser, since the lack of knowledge of the proper application of this technology, as well as the inability of unqualified professionals to identify certain skin conditions or diseases, for example , can lead to pain, spots, dermatitis or even serious burns.

The aesthetic doctors We are above all doctors, that is, we preserve the health of our clients by applying individualized treatments and with combined multidisciplinary techniques. The aesthetic doctor understands the needs of his patients better than anyone and can offer them more complete solutions in facial, body or other treatments, aimed at improving their well-being and image in a safe and effective way.