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Stain Removal

Just two months to perform treatments with maximum effectiveness to eliminate skin spots

The period from October to March is the most effective to carry out treatments to eliminate skin spots (benign solar lentigos, freckles, dark spots on the face, discoloration due to burns, etc.) mainly because during these months There is less intensity of ultraviolet (UV) rays and less time spent in the sun. With the arrival of spring and, consequently, the increase in sunshine hours and the direct exposure of more parts of our body to UV rays, melanin increases in our skin (a substance produced in the cells that give it its color). ) making treatments more ineffective to remove these stains, many of them already carried over from last summer.

In addition to changes in melanin, irregular discoloration - as spots are also called - in the skin can also be caused by the proliferation of bacteria or other microorganisms in the skin, changes in blood vessels (vascular) and inflammation due to certain skin rashes.

To carry out the most appropriate treatment for each person's type of stain, a first clinical history and a dermacotopic study are performed, defining benign parameters and type of lesion. According to this personalized report, three types of treatments can be applied: Q-Switched, which fragments the sunspot using a photo-acoustic technique; peelings, specific superficial or medium depending on the lesion; intense pulsed light (IPL), small pulses of light with a specific wavelength for the spots; and fractional CO2 laser, which emits beams that penetrate the skin as thermal columns.