male aesthetic
Male Aesthetics

Masculine aesthetics are back in fashion among men

Maculook, a scalpel-free facial shaping treatment to accentuate masculinity, the result of collaboration with the renowned international expert Dr. Sina Djalaei.

In the 1950s, actors Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster and Marlon Brando were recognized for their eminently masculine aesthetics, with chiseled contours, prominent cheekbones and mischievous and condescending gaze. Although masculinity has always been a very prominent aesthetic feature, in the following decades it has not been considered a priority for various reasons. Until recently, androgenism in aesthetics was even considered a value of elegance and fashion.

Masculinity has once again taken on a relevant role in the aesthetic canon among men and, thanks to the discovery of Aesthetic Medicine by them in the last decade, masculinity is today one of the most requested aesthetic requests by users. in Aesthetic Medicine clinics throughout Europe.

For this reason, the Doctors Lopez Clinic, the result of an agreement with the international expert Dr. Sina Djalaei during the last congress of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) –where he was one of its most prominent speakers - has launched the Aesthetic Medicine unit for men where it will be offered Masculook, a pioneering technique in the world for facial modeling without using a scalpel for treatments of wrinkles, expression lines, nose correction, chin construction, cheek reshaping and lip correction, among others.