Mediterranean diet
Mediterranean diet

Prevent overweight and premature aging

That Mediterranean diet It is a heritage that we Spaniards have and that contains multiple advantages for health, it is something that is already internalized. However, we are not fully aware of the multiple benefits, including some that have a great impact on our aesthetics and well-being.

A study prepared by experts from the Network Biomedical Research Center for the Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN) and it is pointed out that the constant consumption of a Mediterranean Diet contributes to the anti-aging of cells. The faster these cells age, the more likely humans become to get sick and, therefore, to die. Therefore, one way to prevent diseases is by consuming a healthy diet. People who follow a Mediterranean diet have a slower shortening of telomeres, DNA sequences related to life expectancy.

For its part, one of the conclusions of the Project on Prevention with Mediterranean Diet (PREDIMED), an important study carried out in Spain on the benefits of Mediterranean diet and in which some 6,000 people participated, was that the Mediterranean diet It has positive effects for weight loss (focused on losing fat mass), as well as maintaining long-term weight loss.

In 2010 the UNESCO proclaimed the Mediterranean Diet Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the World Health Organization has recognized it as one of the healthiest dietary patterns.