regenerative medicine
Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine effectively repairs damaged tissues to combat aging

Regenerative medicine's main objective is to repair and regenerate tissues damaged by trauma or aging and return structure to eroded cells. Aesthetic medicine aims to accompany people in this unstoppable aging process, delaying in a healthy way, through innovation and technology, the deterioration of cells and their tissues. Regenerative medicine applied to aesthetics is gaining significant popularity since it not only improves beauty, but this improvement arises from the reversal of the deterioration they have suffered.

The Doctors López Clinic It has been working for years in regenerative medicine and has the most innovative technology in the sector, offering the services of: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), mainly indicated for skin aging, skin quality, alopecia and even dentistry, since platelets are where the growth factors that repair tissues are found; Microfat, indicated for perioral and barcode wrinkles, dark circles, scars and skin rejuvenation in general, and consists of an intradermal infiltration of emulsified fat, obtained from the patient himself, for skin rejuvenation; and finally, the Lipotransfer, which is an infiltration of entire fat cells from the body itself, which can be considered an autotransplant, since many cells will remain forever, accompanied by some stem cells, and indicated for increasing volume in any part of the body. body.