Aesthetic Medicine
Aesthetic medicine
Doctor Lopez
Doctor Lopez

Dr. Juan Antonio López protagonist in the national congress of SEME

Dr. Juan Antonio López L. Pitalúa, member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) and member of the organizing committee of the XXXIII national congress of that branch of medicine, which was recently held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, for the fifth consecutive year.

Almost 2,000 experts in that medical branch have gathered at this important medical event.

At this congress, the latest developments and advances in the sector were discussed. An important issue was the presentation of a consensus document on lipedema: the accumulation of fat in the lower extremities (from the hip to the ankles) due to circulatory issues. It is a problem that affects around 15 percent of women and for which there was no diagnostic protocol. On the other hand, the importance of diagnosis in aesthetic medicine was reflected on, as well as knowledge of pharmacology, immunology, ultrasounds and dermoscopy, among other issues.

In the words of Dr. Juan Antonio López de Doctors López Clinics, aesthetic medicine in Spain is very well located due to its perspectives and its seriousness. In addition, it is being developed in different ways, including regenerative medicine and oncoaesthetics, which is applied to patients who have suffered cancer.

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