The effectiveness of lipolaser for treatment in the chin or jowl area

Lipolaser is a laser-assisted liposuction, very effective, safe and does not require hospitalization. It is the most innovative technique for the elimination of localized fat. The laser manages to dissolve the fat and liquefy it and then extract it outside the body without damaging the tissues, which allows for a simple recovery. There are 189 muscles in the human body, prepared so that we can move and live. There are muscles like the biceps that are frequently worked and of which we are aware. Others not so many, such as those in the chin area and who usually suffer from localized fat or double chin.

From an aesthetic point of view, the double chin is of great importance since its location absolutely breaks the harmony of the face, in addition to denoting unhealthy habits (in recent years the poor use of cell phones).

In the Doctors López Clinic We effectively treat this accumulation of fat and thanks to the lipolaser treatment, with our latest generation technology, the results are very efficient, without the need for hospital admission and with all the guarantees offered by accredited aesthetic medicine.