Malaga weight loss

The priority in weight loss is health

With the increase in temperatures and good weather, concern about weight loss begins. March and April are the key months to start body remodeling treatments with the most effective results and the lowest risk to health. On the other hand, given that there is still a certain margin of time until the beginning of the summer season, some people decide to self-prescribe diets on the advice of friends, copy recipes from the Internet or believe in the effectiveness of the "miracle diets" that They are already beginning to proliferate.

Better to take it seriously. The loss of excess fat must follow a treatment scheduled and controlled by an aesthetic doctor who analyzes the person's condition, according to clinical analyzes and metrics. It is also a good opportunity for the doctor to introduce dietary guidelines and correct nutritional re-education that will serve them for the future.

In the Doctors López Clinic We have extensive experience in weight loss, diet and nutrition, as well as the latest technology through mesotherapy, anti-cellulite or radiofrequency treatments, among others. The Body Remodeling service of our clinic is one of the most requested by our clients.