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Doctor Carmen López

Time is never wasted doing health at home, now it is a responsibility

The confinement at home to which we are responsibly forced to stop the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has immediate effects on our life routines and, consequently, on our health and well-being. Harmful elements that affect us can be, among others, idleness by reducing our daily activity, the stress to which we are subjected due to the possible consequences of the progression of the disease, the uncertainty of the economic and work situation, and even the affectation of personal relationships in the family.

All these aspects translate aesthetically to an increase in weight, a deterioration of our skin due to the lack of sunlight irradiation (vitamin D), the decline in preventive personal care, the appearance of the face due to bags and dark circles due to poor quality of sleep and an increase in weight due to a reduction in physical exercise and activity, among others.

Even in such a complicated situation due to the evolution of this pandemic, it is very important to put taking care of our health and, therefore, our physical, aesthetic and mental state at the top of the list of duties.

A good image radiates optimism among our closest ones in the face of crises, maintaining dietary rigor by controlling excessive calorie intake allows us to avoid being overweight, sleeping adequately makes us - in addition to taking care of our face - more agile in decision-making and in the assimilation of information.

Being healthy and well cared for is not a personal issue either, it also prepares us better to face a possible illness and be a retaining wall to protect our citizens and loved ones.

Dr. María del Carmen López
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